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Michigan Renaissance Festival

I had an awesome time a few weeks ago at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I went with two of my close female friends and we were at first a little disappointed that the men in our lives couldn’t show up. However, soon after we got there we were having fun drinking beer and wine and [...]

Rays of Hope

When everyone shines their individual lights on Detroit, the collaboration of each light brightens up the city. If it were only one light we would not be able to rise above the ashes. Thank You to everyone who is striving and working together to make Detroit a better place.  

2011 Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade

J and I had a change to get a private tour on Valentine’s Day at the Parade Company We were really excited because we had went to the 2011 Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time a few months ago. J and I had a great time at our Tour of the Parade Company. Our tour [...]


and tell everyone you love and care about how much they mean to you!! Just heard news of a mother figure of mine from my childhood passed away. She was very supportive and touched my life and many others in many ways. I see people writing on her Facebook wall of how much she will [...]

2012 Detroit Winter Blast

J and I went to dinner tonight at Texas De Brazil in Detroit for yet another free birthday dinner. If you want a free dinner for your birthday just sign up on their website. I had heard a lot of great things about the restaurant but have never experienced it yet for myself. The food was [...]

Abandoned Packard Plant (Look on the Bright Side)

Please read this and consider the questions before viewing the slideshow. I also want to know your thoughts on this subject and what your answers to the questions are. One reason that I don’t like shooting abandoned buildings is because it gives the city a bad name. However, it is still part of our history [...]

Today I woke up to a Brand New Day!!

I have been missing in action on my blog for quite some time now. I have been very busy with work and also dating a special someone. My life over the past year has been very full and joyous. It has had a lot of ups and downs but has always meant growth. I enjoy [...]

Live to Give

Click Image above to view Slideshow I wanted to give a special shout out and Thank You to the Live to Give Foundation (L2G) for the free ticket to the April 7, 2010 Red Wings game. L2G had received six free tickets to the game from Celebrities Against Autism and so L2G decided to have [...]

Detroit Chevy SXSW

For those of you who keep seeing me tweet and facebook about #DETChevySXSW may be tired of seeing me talk about it or wonder what all the fuss is about. You can go to there personal blog Team Detroit Chevy to find out more and also follow along with them on there adventure. #DETChevySXSW is [...]

Dog Show at Cobo Hall

I decided to head on down to Cobo Hall yesterday in search of Samoyed’s. Since I was the proud mother of a Samoyed named Sheba for thirteen and a half years I know how sweet and loving these dogs can be. My beloved Sheba passed away a few years ago and I was in need [...]

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