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I wanted to give a special shout out and Thank You to the Live to Give Foundation (L2G) for the free ticket to the April 7, 2010 Red Wings game. L2G had received six free tickets to the game from Celebrities Against Autism and so L2G decided to have a twitter contest to give away the free tickets.

The contest was for people to twitter about how much they loved Michigan, and I won a bonus ticket because of my passion for Detroit in creating this blog. I had an amazing time at the game and I would have loved to have met the other winners but somehow our seats were separated. I was also unable to tweet from the game due to network failure at the game, so I thought I would share my photos here.

The game was amazing, there was a huge fight that broke out in the first period (which is always amazing) and the Red Wings also scored the first goal in the first period. However, it looked as though The Columbus Blue Jackets were going to win as they had two points and we only had the one going into the 3rd period. However, we ended up scoring two points back to back, then another point a few moments later…It was AWESOME!! The final score was 4 to 3 :)

I would encourage everyone to check out the L2G website and donate if possible. L2G has a huge heart for not only Detroit but for Michigan and all of the money that they collect in Michigan stays in Michigan. Kudos to L2G for making a difference in people’s lives!!

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