Abandoned Packard Plant (Look on the Bright Side)

Please read this and consider the questions before viewing the slideshow. I also want to know your thoughts on this subject and what your answers to the questions are.

One reason that I don’t like shooting abandoned buildings is because it gives the city a bad name. However, it is still part of our history and I hope that somehow we can get rid of all the blight. There has been a lot of things that the City of Detroit has done wrong (esp when Kwame) was in office. However, now that Bing is in office things are really turning around for the good. I have noticed a lot of changes even in the past year since Quicken Loans has moved downtown. Bing is doing everything that he can to get rid of the blight, but it takes time. Quicken Loans is helping re-build the city by buying buildings and restoring them. Restoration is starting downtown though and the Packard plant is about 10 minute’s drive from downtown. I wanted to capture the buildings because it is fun to see them and explore them and also to have a piece of history on camera.

Hopefully one day this will be a spot for something magnificent, and I will carry a piece of history as to what it was. There are some areas though in Detroit that are bad, just like any major city. Detroit got hit hard when the automotive industry declined and a lot of people moved away and left behind vacant houses and buildings like this one. Most of the time furniture, papers, desks, old equipment, etc were all left in the buildings when they were evacuated.

Some neighborhoods in Detroit look like war zones and have been war zones for some time. The city is trying to help everyone that they can but they can only do so much on a limited and failing budget themselves. I do see Detroit as making a comeback though and slowly but surely we will rise again from the ashes. However, what you don’t see on the news is all of the neighborhoods that are using vacant land to build community gardens, and cultivate food but also friendships, and long lasting bonds.

These gardens help keep the area safe and also help neighbors look out for each other. However, the news always likes to show the bad side of things and not the good.  I love Detroit and I hate when people give it a bad name. It really isn’t as bad as the news portrays it out to be. It is funny how I post 100 awesome pictures of the city and these ruin photos are probably what you will remember most. Maybe seeing these photos will help us remember to take care of our city and our home and do everything that we can to make things better.

There are some awesome blogs about Detroit that I would love to share with you if you are so inclined to want to see the bright side of Detroit. Let’s all ban together and find ways to make Detroit an awesome city again like it once was.  These photos are part of Detroit’s past but they don’t have to be a part of Detroit’s Future.

Everyone can look at the past and learn from their mistakes and work towards a brighter tomorrow. There may be a part of us that we don’t like but it has made us who we are. Taggers love this spot, it is an amazing place to create.


Here are some questions that I want you to ask yourself while you are looking at these photos:

Do you see hope or despair?

Does this make you sad, or does it bring about all the possibilities of what can be done with this space?

Art lives here :) Why not make it a safe place for people to create art and a safe place for people to view art?

Detroit Artists need more space to create art…why not here?

The foundation is laid, All that is needed is hope, fresh eyes, and a new start.

If people love to create art, and people pay to see art, why not use that money to create a safe place?

It is a win/win. What can we do to make this happen?

Click on Image to View Slideshow

Click on Image to View Slideshow

These people saw something different at the Packard Plant…they saw a place to create art.

We do take for granted that we get to see the sun rise every day and everyone get’s to pray to their own God. We often forget these things that seem so small but really are astronomical.

Please read the blogs below to find other positive news stories about our amazing city.

My favorite Detroit Blogs/News:

http://www.detroityes.com/ to name a few


Check out these awesome pictures from the Packard Plant back in the day:



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4 Responses to “Abandoned Packard Plant (Look on the Bright Side)”

  1. Chickee says:

    I see hope.. I also see despair. The image makes me see all kinds of new possibilities and sadness comes over me at the same time to wondering who will be able to attain access.
    I was a young artist who lived in Detroit.. I remember being a teenager and going into these abandon buildings to play and practice spray painting with friends.
    I hope that space can be created into something beautiful for artist to access and share their magnificence… And I hope that space realizes prosperity again… I really do wish this.

  2. Tina says:

    Thank you Chickee for your comment. I also saw hope and despair. What do you mean about the question of who will be able to attain access? I also hope that it can be used as something beautiful also. I see so much potential there. I am glad you had a place to do art at when you were a kid, but I wish it had been “safe” healthy places where you could practice. How cool would it be to create a “safe” place for children and adults to play in. It would get them out of “unsafe, unhealthy” environments. How can we make this happen? Who do we need to talk to?

  3. Tina says:

    Did you also click on the image to view the slideshow as well?

  4. Carl Jones says:

    I see hope, if the right people get a hold of these properities instead of these deadbeat business owners!

    Many possibilities are in Packard and Fisher Body…..we need more of these industrial building for artist space…..Russell Industrial is filling up fast…where do we go now??

    Packard could be many things, it would take a lot of money to turn it around though.

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