Are you on the Titanic?

Flags outside of the Renaissance Center

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Last night while I was on the people mover on my way home from a social media event #detchevysxsw one of the TSA’s (Transportation Security Administration) Polilce said that Detroit has a huge gaping hole in it and that we are all going to go down just like the Titanic did. I personally refuse to believe that “The D” is going to go down. Yes, we may have been bruised up and probably do have a few holes in us. Are we going to let them make us or break us?

I proceeded to tell the TSA that I personally refused to believe that Detroit is going to go down and that Detroit is and will make a comeback. He then kept arguing with me telling me how the huge gaping hole in Detroit could not be repaired and that we were all going to drown. I asked him why he felt this way and he said it was because everyone is moving out of Detroit and nobody is moving in. I told him that he was wrong because I moved downtown in October. I want to see a change in Detroit and I am doing what I can to do so. I love Detroit, the energy, the culture, and most importantly the people. It all is hard to explain unless you come down here to experience it yourself.

Why do I refuse to believe this nonsense? Maybe it is because I have surrounded myself by a group of people within the twitter and social media group who want to see positive changes in Detroit and we all believe that we are the change that we need to see.  We all believe that we need to be proactive and not re-active.

How can we fix the holes? I believe one way is that we all need to stick together. We need to create events and buzz about the city so that people will feel safe and motivated to visit and to spend money downtown. Who is with me? I am one person but together we make up a group of powerful people that CAN and WILL bring about change. Are you going to go down with the Titanic or are you going to stand up and make things happen and fix the hole? If Detroit fails….we all fail!!!

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  1. I totally agree. If we don’t believe in ourselves than how is outsiders supposed to believe? We create our own lives and it is only us who are in charge of them. We can create the change it is just going to take time and patience for it to happen. Good leadership will help the process.

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