Michigan Renaissance Festival

I had an awesome time a few weeks ago at the Michigan Renaissance Festival. I went with two of my close female friends and we were at first a little disappointed that the men in our lives couldn’t show up. However, soon after we got there we were having fun drinking beer and wine and were very happy to have a girls day out.

There were tons of great food options to choose from. I had a baked sweet potato with butter, brown sugar, pecans and marshmallows on it and it was delicious. I also had the most amazing Chicken Quesadilla that I have ever had, and I eat them quite a bit since it is one of my favorite dishes.

This was my first time at the Renaissance Festival and to be honest the only reason that I went was because I thought it would be a great photo opportunity. However, soon after I got there I was so engrossed in everything that was going on that I nearly forgot and didn’t much feel like taking photos. It was amazing how most all of the structures were permanent structures that looked like a real village. It was not only like stepping back in time but also a lot like being in a fantasy world as well.

We saw pirates, wenches, a walking tree, a walking potted plant, wizards, strawberry shortcake, ferries, hand made carnival rides (made out of wood), jousting, horses, queen’s, and kings. There was even a live mermaid but the line was way to long for us to be able to see it in the time that was left.

I can see why this event is open for a whole month (which still doesn’t seem like enough time for me).

I hope you enjoy some of the images that I have captured below.


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