Artist Review: Emily Whitehead

I had the privilege, Saturday March 6, 2010, of meeting Jason Gilmore (@jasonxgilmore on Twitter). Jason is very passionate about helping artists get recognized and has started a blog and magazine called Detroit Artist Review (DAR). The DAR will feature articles and reviews of contemporary art, book reviews, columns on cinema and popular culture, and feature advertisements from prominent galleries around metropolitan Detroit.

Emily above showing her work to Eric Simmons

Me (Tina bottom left) doing an interview at Café 1923 with Jason Gilmore (Emily’s work featured on the left wall in the background)

About the Artist Yesterday

Emily Whitehead’s work was showcased at Café 1923 in Hamtramck at a HATCH 4 event (where over 100 people were in attendance). I got a chance to talk to Emily extensively and she explained how she began drawing at a very early age. Emily works during the day but feels most comfortable at night when drawing as she does not feel like she is in her element when she isn’t drawing. Emily is very soft spoken and easy to talk to. She explained how she recently discovered that drawing is her life passion and she creates one to two drawings a month. Emily’s drawings are very detailed and you could spend hours studying it and finding new things in each painting each time you look at it. For me her art really makes me think about life and feel as if I were in the piece as I wonder what each layer and detail of the picture means.

How each piece is Created

Emily said she starts out with sketching about 50 to 100 drawings (per piece) and then she brings them together into a collage and from there she puts them onto a full size board and colors them with acrylic (or leaves them black and white). The whole process is about 250 hours of work for each piece. Emily receives her inspiration from life’s experiences and her piece “Basement Sun” (which was featured at HATCH 4) was inspired by how sometimes the light shines in on life and you think all is good but then you realize that sometimes that can be an illusion.

How is the work Reproduced

The two pieces of Emily’s work that is displayed at Café 1923 are reproductions where as the original pieces of work are about 3ft by 4ft and do not have glass over the. I also had the opportunity of meeting Kyle Engelhart who uses a custom built vacuum press to hold the original piece of work flat against the wall or on the floor then uses a high resolution camera to take the shot. The reproductions are created by

What is HATCH

HATCH’s 2010 is an all-media juried art exhibit ( I also had the opportunity to meet one of the founders and Presidents of HATCH Chris Schneider. He explained that hatch was created as a way for new artist’s to be able to network together and form a community that would promote art and Hamtramck in a positive way. The artists in this community work together at achieving their goals. Chris explained how they have purchased an old Fire Station in Hamtramck to use as a studio/art gallery and are currently taking donations for renovations which they hope to open in the spring. Artists are also welcome to submit their work online if they would like to be included in this art community. Consumers can sign up for the mailing list online to find out when and where the art will be displayed.

Musician Todd Luneack and Chris Schneider of HATCH

Special Thanks go out to JSP Singleton Photo for taking the pictures. All photos Copyright 2010 © J Singleton Photo: These images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without the written permission of J Singleton. Twitter: @jsingletonphoto

Dog Show at Cobo Hall

I decided to head on down to Cobo Hall yesterday in search of Samoyed’s. Since I was the proud mother of a Samoyed named Sheba for thirteen and a half years I know how sweet and loving these dogs can be. My beloved Sheba passed away a few years ago and I was in need of some Sammy kisses and white fur on my purple sweater :)

Samson, Sierra, and Misha of Snowchien Samoyeds

I was not disappointed, I probably spent over an hour talking to Mark who was very sweet to have listened to all of my stories about Sheba. I also talked to Mary and Jeff of Snowchin Samoyeds. They got there first Samoyed in 1980′s (but I will let you read all about them on their website, as they do a much better job telling their story than I ever could). They also allowed me to talk their ears off. I think they probably thought I was a stalker after a while LOL because I kept trying to leave but somehow kept finding myself back at their booth.
The above picture is of their three dogs Samson, Sierra, and Misha. Sierra and Misha are both around a year old and just getting started and Samson is about three years old.

I also had the opportunity of being kissed to death (something I thought I would never miss) from Cassey (top right and left picture). On the left Cassey is practicing her jumps for the competition, and on the right she is actually in full swing. She ran so fast my phone on my camera could not keep up. If anyone wants to give donations to the “get Tina a real camera fund” I am taking donations :)

I also got to see dogs drafting (top two pictures above), tons of vendors selling anything and everything related to dog supplies.

I would recommend that everyone get out of the house today and come down to the dog show at Cobo Hall. They are open today (3/7/2010) from 9am to 3pm. I would recommend looking at the board shortly after you walk in as they have where all of the breeds are located inside the building.

After you come downtown to check out the dog show you can stop to get a bite to eat at many of the restaurants at Greektown or Woodward Avenue.

To find out more about the Dog Show at Cobo Hall see the following links:

Cobo goes to the Dogs

Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows

Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows March 6&7, 2010

Are you on the Titanic?

Flags outside of the Renaissance Center

Flags outside of the Renaissance Center Copyright 2009 © J Singleton Photo: These images may not be reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without the written permission of J Singleton.

Last night while I was on the people mover on my way home from a social media event #detchevysxsw one of the TSA’s (Transportation Security Administration) Polilce said that Detroit has a huge gaping hole in it and that we are all going to go down just like the Titanic did. I personally refuse to believe that “The D” is going to go down. Yes, we may have been bruised up and probably do have a few holes in us. Are we going to let them make us or break us?

I proceeded to tell the TSA that I personally refused to believe that Detroit is going to go down and that Detroit is and will make a comeback. He then kept arguing with me telling me how the huge gaping hole in Detroit could not be repaired and that we were all going to drown. I asked him why he felt this way and he said it was because everyone is moving out of Detroit and nobody is moving in. I told him that he was wrong because I moved downtown in October. I want to see a change in Detroit and I am doing what I can to do so. I love Detroit, the energy, the culture, and most importantly the people. It all is hard to explain unless you come down here to experience it yourself.

Why do I refuse to believe this nonsense? Maybe it is because I have surrounded myself by a group of people within the twitter and social media group who want to see positive changes in Detroit and we all believe that we are the change that we need to see.  We all believe that we need to be proactive and not re-active.

How can we fix the holes? I believe one way is that we all need to stick together. We need to create events and buzz about the city so that people will feel safe and motivated to visit and to spend money downtown. Who is with me? I am one person but together we make up a group of powerful people that CAN and WILL bring about change. Are you going to go down with the Titanic or are you going to stand up and make things happen and fix the hole? If Detroit fails….we all fail!!!

What is my “Personal Brand”

Sunrise from My Apartment

Sunrise from My Apartment

So I was reading an article called “What Belly Dancing Taught Me about Personal Branding” by Lisa Baron @Copyblogger  I found this extremely interesting since I also have been taking belly dancing classes for over six months now. The article was very well written and told about how Lisa’s belly dancing instructor has her own “personal brand”. Being that I had just created this blog and have been wondering what to blog about got me thinking about my own “personal brand”.

I talked with Deb @blissmonger at #ignitedetroit about what I think that my personal brand should be and she suggested to just be myself (upbeat and happy).  I was also talking to @jsingletonphoto about my focus and I had expressed to him how my specific focus would be to educate people about Detroit (from my perspective) as a person who works and lives Downtown. I know there are quite a few excellent blogs already about events, etc in Detroit (in which I hope to have links from my site to). However, mine will be more along the lines of going to events/restaurants/etc and reporting back my experiences good or bad. I would also like to hear from you (my audience) as to what kinds of things you would like to see and I would like to answer any questions that you may have about “The D” in particular. My personal goal is to bring more people downtown (to live, work and/or visit) because Detroit is an excellent place not only because of the great architecture but more importantly because of the great people here. I know a lot of people in social media who have a huge heart for Detroit, if it was not for them then I would have never moved here myself.

Along with what my “personal brand” will be I have also been contemplating how “transparent” that I want to be. I am not 100 percent comfortable with putting my last name out on the internet for everyone to see. However, I am pretty sure that my main audience will know who I am as I do attend a lot of social gatherings. So, I think I will be putting pics of me up, etc but you would more than likely need to know me on a personal leave to have access to more personal information. Please leave me comments or send me an email based on your thoughts, feelings, or personal experiences (whether they be negative or positive).

Why I moved to “The D”

View from my Apartment

Many people have asked me so why did you move to “The  D” (downtown Detroit) I often have asked myself that same question…wondering at first if I had truly lost my mind. However, I have grown to love it here. There is so much history, diversity, culture, and architecture that I really can’t imagine living anywhere else.

I have lived in the area most all of my life but truly did not visit or know the city until I started working downtown in August of 2008. At first I was scared but then I became accustomed to the big city (or sometimes desolate) and found so many great places to eat, walk, and party. I finally decided to move downtown in October of 2009. I decided that I would no longer let fear control where I wanted to live, work, and play.

I hope that you follow me on my journey of all of the crazy, insane, fun, and amazing things that only happen in Detroit :D

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