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Detroit Chevy SXSW

For those of you who keep seeing me tweet and facebook about #DETChevySXSW may be tired of seeing me talk about it or wonder what all the fuss is about. You can go to there personal blog Team Detroit Chevy to find out more and also follow along with them on there adventure. #DETChevySXSW is [...]

Dog Show at Cobo Hall

I decided to head on down to Cobo Hall yesterday in search of Samoyed’s. Since I was the proud mother of a Samoyed named Sheba for thirteen and a half years I know how sweet and loving these dogs can be. My beloved Sheba passed away a few years ago and I was in need [...]

Are you on the Titanic?

Last night while I was on the people mover on my way home from a social media event #detchevysxsw one of the TSA’s (Transportation Security Administration) Polilce said that Detroit has a huge gaping hole in it and that we are all going to go down just like the Titanic did. I personally refuse to [...]

Why I moved to “The D”

Many people have asked me so why did you move to “The  D” (downtown Detroit) I often have asked myself that same question…wondering at first if I had truly lost my mind. However, I have grown to love it here. There is so much history, diversity, culture, and architecture that I really can’t imagine living [...]

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